About Paddla för Livet

Paddling Earth out of the trashcan

Paddla för Livet, or "Paddle for Life", is a swedish nature preserving platform that mainly combines outdoor projects with environmental efforts. Turning outdoor activities into a way of inspiring people to environmental thinking, spreading a message and giving solutions on how we together can contribute to a healthier and less littered nature.

The core through all work with Paddla för Livet is to collect and document garbage in the nature. We paddle along shores, in archipelagos, around islands, visiting places in the very marine wilderness where few people can access. If we cannot pick it up and bring it with us, we can document it and try to inspire and inform people. These trips can either end up as huge expeditions for almost 100 days, such as this one along the coast of Norway, but also as smaller projects and trips for a day or two, or maybe a week.
Our work of collecting and documenting garbage unfortunately always results in filled caskets. In other words the nature is actually very littered, especially at sea, which you clearly can see by the kayak. Just open your eyes and have a look in the seaweed.

Why do we paddle sea kayaks? Well, there is no other such perfect method of traveling in a totally environmentally friendly way combined with the opportunities of visiting places where other boats could not go due to the depth. We always sleep on islands or shores where we put up our tents and walk around. Walking in these marine areas unfortunately always ends up with lots of observed garbage. Living in the nature and traveling by it's rhythm all day long gives the true picture and status about how littered those areas really are. But mostly - the motivation to work for a change.

Except the kayak part we actually do lots of more. Our ambition is to combine environmentally friendly outdoor activities with efforts in the nature. Meaning not just paddling is of interest. We hope to investigate more nature in the future through sailing, bicycling, hiking and so on. It is all about a philosophy: "don't ignore it, pick it up." It does not matter if you are there by kayak or bicycle.

All projects with Paddla för Livet are hosted upon totally environmentally friendly methods, such as collecting marine garbage through kayaking and documentation of garbage in nature through outdoor life.

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Best regards,
Tim Ekstam, initiator to and owner of Paddla för Livet