Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 7 - Marsstrand, fishing and tired shoulders

This night we slept like babies in warm beds. After breakfast at Liljeqvist's, we went to buy some more food and snacks before getting into the kayaks. The wind was less strong today and we had a great passage to Marsstrand where the sun came out and greeted us. Tony had supplied us with a fishing wobbler that hopefully would catch us a big sea-trout.

Johan went trolling along the canal passing trough Marsstrand and had contact twice, but unfortunately none of them would stick. We continued fishing for half of the day before deciding to put the rod away to make some distance ( our marching speed was a bit too quick for trolling). 

With the winds now coming from northeast we made good speed and reached the norther archipelago of Gothenburg in the late afternoon. Finally we found a nice tent spot on Hönö with good view over the great fairways entering Gothenburg. 

When we rounded the last corner we saw this rock where it said "Jesus is alive". 

Apparently there was a strong force around this place because Johan's paddle started to lift towards the sky. Fortunately Johan's leach prevented it from disappearing. 

That's it for today. Tomorrow we have a few hours of paddling before we reach my parents place in the south of Gothenburg. 

//Alex with Johan

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