Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 8 - Gothenburg fairways and arqipelago

This morning the alarm rang at 7 but neither of us were able to get up. Our boodies seemed to long for a rest.

Finally we got up and prepared for the last day of this week of kayaking. We will continue training again on Sunday but then focus on safety and technique rather than distance.

Today's challenge was to cross the large fairways leading into Gothenburg harbour. The visibility was great so there was no problem knowing when it was clear to cross.

Half way across at a safe spot we found a group of around 30 curious seals who came to greet us. 

After passing Brännö we had lunch on Styrsö before paddling the last kilometres home.

After transporting the kayaks home to my place we have now celebrated with dinner and beer. Tomorrow there's no alarm set...

//Alex with Johan

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